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P-114 "Marsal"

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Delaminating inks. If you're looking for experiments and want to create something new and unusual, you should definitely try these inks! You can use them to create volume without physically creating volume. Incredible texture. Paintings create themselves!

Palette of delaminating inks:


The texture is created by the splitting of the inks as they dry on their own. Technically, the inks split into hundreds of small particles and form a pattern. The products require dilution with blending solution before use. It is in tandem with the blending solution that the reaction of splitting the inks into granules takes place, resulting in effects. A similar reaction can also occur when ethyl alcohol is used.
If the inks are dried with a hairdryer, they will dry similarly to the A-line, but unlike the A-line the coverage will be denser.
The inks have different degrees of layering due to the pigment fraction (particle size), this helps to get different grains and therefore different effects in the paintings. Because this series is made up of 100% pigment, they need to be thoroughly shaken before use.
It is essential to work on a smooth surface to obtain the effects.
The recommended dilution with blending solution is 1:3 to 1:4 (where 1 is the ink).
Drying time without additional action depends on the amount of inks spilled (up to 15 min on average).



Method 1: Dilute the ink with thinner in a cup, pour onto the surface and wait until completely dry. No need to use a dryer.

Method 2: Pour ink on the surface and dry it with a dryer as you would do with a normal alcohol ink.
The splitting effect only occurs with KAMENSKAYA blending solution or with ethyl alcohol. Most inks will not peel with isopropyl alcohol (except for delaminating inks with high delaminating degree).

In order to avoid overcoating, we recommend to add a super concentrate to the blending solution according to the description of the super concentrate (for use on smooth synthetic surfaces and glass).

1.     The more you dilute the inks, the less grit is formed. Correspondingly, the less, the tighter the grain.
2.     Inks with different degrees of separation do not mix together to create a third colour, they dry in two colours. This looks stunning, it’s worth trying it!
3.     Inks of the same degree of layering work well together.
4.     The inks work well with inks from other lines.
5.     After drying coat the image with a few coats of spray acrylic varnish.
6.     Make sure that the surface you are working on is flat so that the drawing does not move away while drying.

Safety precautions:
Work in ventilated areas, products are flammable, must be kept out of the reach of children and away from open sources of fire. Use strictly for the intended purpose. In case of contact with mucous membranes, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if necessary.


Art technique: INK ART

Art technique: RESIN ART

Delaminating degree: High

lwh: 30x30x90

Weight: 30g


36 months before opening, 6 months after opening the bottle.
Store in a closed vial at a temperature between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius.
Avoid sudden temperature changes and open sunlight


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