What surface do I need to draw with alcohol inks?

There are several types of surfaces that are most commonly drawn on with alcohol ink:
1. Synthetic paper with a thickness of at least 250 microns.
2. Polypropylene plastic (available in different colours, we have black colour at the moment in our store).
3. PVC foam or PVC sandwich panel for linings.
4. Artboard (laminated MDF).
5. Canvas which is pre-primed with a special acrylic primer, with a high silicone content (our shop offers acrylic latex primer).

Based on the characteristics of the above, any smooth, non-absorbent surface is ideal for the job.😉

Important! Make sure you degrease the surface with alcohol before you start painting!

Choose your painting surface from our website in the "Materials for Ink Art" catalogue section 😉