Tips for working in the petri technique

Hi, my name is Polina Kamenskaya, today I'm going to tell you how to get cool effects in the petri technique using simple tips 🙌🏻

I know how frustrating the expecatation vs. reality is, especially if you've put your heart into something and waited all day for the result.😅 That's why I've prepared a list of useful 'worked out' tips just for you!

1. pay attention to the thickness of the resin, the medium viscosity resin is best. If you happen to already have a liquid resin on hand, don't underestimate the result! It will definitely happen! Any resin can be made thicker - all you have to do is wait. Depending on the manufacturer, we wait from 10 to 35 minutes until the resin begins to warm and becomes like liquid honey. That's when we can start dripping the paint.🙌🏻 Why do we do this? We do this so that the paint doesn't fall to the bottom and create beauty in the resin thickness ✅.

2. pay attention to the resin curing time in the instructions. Resins that take more than 24 hours to cure are not suitable ❌

3. the room temperature! If there is high temperature in the room, the resin starts curing sooner, so you must work fast. It is better not to work in the rooms, where the temperature is higher than 24 degrees ❗️

4. After you have removed the air bubbles with the burner, let the resin cool down for about 5 minutes before you start dripping paint❗️

5. Don't drip paint close to the rims - by hitting it, the ink doesn't sink well❗️

6. Don't bury the whole mold at once, let the ink sink before the next batch of colour❗️

7. To squeeze the pattern in an unusual way, use a toothpick or leftover resin in a cup to drip into the piece. You can do both 🤪

8. Remember: only bleached ink has a heavy pigment, otherwise always drip the white or bleached inks into the colour ✅

9. Use special bottles with a fine needle for jewellery and small items ✅

Choose your favourite petri colours from our website (right here) and try the tips!