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Casting Kit

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Eco Resin Casting kit with all materials needed to create beautiful decorative elements.

Mineral powder and acrylic emulsion create a pleasant to the touch, durable product.
The kit contains everything you need to create at least 15 decorative objects: 2 different reusable silicone molds, 1.5 kilograms of powder with acrylic emulsion, measuring cups, glass and sticks for mixing, liquid for removing bubbles, 6 colors with imitation of marble, sandpaper for finishing.
Our kit will help you create unique and stylish decor items. A great gift for yourself and your loved ones. Creativity without leaving home! 30 minutes and done! You can create with children!

Water-based resin system.
Two-component material, consists of mineral powder and water-based acrylic resin.
Has high hardness and durability.
The material is environmentally friendly, contains no toxic substances.

Storage. Keep the packaging tightly closed. Avoid freezing – product stability may be affected.
Dispose of contents and container in accordance with local, regional, and national regulations.

Shelf life - 1 year from the production date (indicated on the packaging).
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